About Me


Hi friends. My name is Ilana and welcome to my blog.

I am an actor/dancer/singer/artist based in NYC. In 2017, I graduated with BFAs in both Acting and Dance from Fredonia, which is where I learned to speak and expand my mind. I’m a forever lover of life, learning, and reflecting.

While definitely having strong stances on some things, I love being challenged by new perspectives. I enjoy observing the details of a person and what makes them tick. I love astrology and studying personality. My pronouns are she/her and I celebrate my birthday on November 19th.

I could eat sushi every day and I’ll choose lifting over yoga pretty much always. I love documentaries, long talks, minimalistic living, psych-thrillers (both books and movies), long drives, laughing until I’m gasping for air, being by the water, traveling by plane, meeting warm people, and feeling the wind in my hair.

So welcome. Welcome to my collection of thoughts, questions, and discoveries that is Perception and Water.