The C Word

This post is dedicated to anyone who has ever loved and lost themselves along the way. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ I've always looked at November as a month of transformation; releasing what no longer serves us and creating diamonds from the ashes. Maybe it's the dead leaves falling, maybe it's the intensity of Scorpio season, maybe it's … Continue reading The C Word

Breathing Through the Quick Changes

Contrary to how I may sometimes present myself, I am far from being a go-with-the-flow person. I like knowing, I like direct communication, and I like planning. And I love when plans turn out how they are planned. And, make no mistake, I'm not saying that's the best way to be by any means; but … Continue reading Breathing Through the Quick Changes

Books that I have read at sea and what I really think of them

“You should always be reading something.” There are a couple reasons why I agree, love, and go by this statement. Firstly, I thoroughly believe that reading makes you a better person; it instills a certain thoughtfulness, mindfulness, that other mediums simply can’t. Reading opens up the mind to so many perspectives and ideas, furthermore expanding … Continue reading Books that I have read at sea and what I really think of them