“So what princess are you going to be?!” people hungrily asked when they first learned that I was going to be working as a performer for Disney Cruise Line. Little did they know. And little did I. Let’s do some backtracking. When graduating in May of 2017, I felt on top of the world. I … More SwingLife

Will We Still Like Each Other After This?

JolanaXC was what my boyfriend, Jonas, and I decided on titling our cross-country road trip. Yes, it’s a combination of our names in conjunction to an abbreviation for “cross-country” and before you think we’re really that corny (OK we low-key are), I’ll have you know that we decided on this name over a pre-flight beer … More Will We Still Like Each Other After This?


So, as you may or may not have guessed from the title of this post or have known already, I work on a ship. A Disney cruise ship, to be specific. Flashy, right? I never thought that this would be my life so soon, or really ever. When you’re a performer, the post-grad “plan” almost … More ShipLife

Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome! My name is Ilana. And no matter the font, it’s not a double-‘L’; it’s the capital ‘i’ looking like the lower-case ‘L’ (and you’d be surprised at how many people need that explanation). But while we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you something that I mostly keep to myself: Very few people … More Hello and welcome!